Look What I Made! { Bench Cushions }

Do It Yourself Bench Cushions

I really wanted to title this post OMG Something I Made From Pinterest Actually Came Out The Way I Wanted It To! but it wouldn’t fit. You know what does fit? These homemade bench cushions I made over the weekend. Oh yeah, my Saturday evening was spend toddler in tow at the local JoAnn Fabrics where a lot of grandmas and other parents without lives spend their Saturday nights. I waited 2 hours to get my fabric cut. My kid deserves a medal for good behavior. That or a pony.

We’ve been in the process of actually furnishing our house since we’ve been living here for some four years now. I made a few trips to Ikea and found this TV stand that is being put to good use as my daughter’s toy box in our living room. As you can see it not only hides her many many miniature farm animals/plastic cars/bouncy balls/etc., it also holds her books, puzzles, and friends of the stuffed animal variety. As well as a giant carrot and broccoli I happen to love just as much as my daughter.

I always assumed people who crafted their own decor must be saving buckets of cash. I ended spending $85 on foam, Velcro, fabric, and a bottle of chalkboard paint for another project. Kind of ridiculous I’d say. I don’t know what I would have paid for a custom bench cushion out in the wild, but I almost felt like I should have shopped around.

On the other hand, I would have missed out on the satisfaction of making something with my own two hands and writing this post. I guess this is just the way the craft gods wanted it.

Step One
I measured the bench and then lost the tape measure which 3 days later has still yet to be found.

Step Two
I packed my toddler in the car and we went to the fabric store where I purchased:

– 2″ foam, cut to size
– An upholstery I liked, cut to size multiple times because I have never sewn anything more than a button in my entire life and couldn’t think rationally about how much I needed so it covered all the sides while entertaining a 16-month-old (I blame the fabric cutting lady entirely)
– A roll of double sided Velcro

Step Three
After coming home and making dinner and putting the little munchkin to bed, I spread out all the goods on the living room floor and began construction.

I begin with cutting the foam length-wise to fit the depth of the bench. The cutters at JoAnns will only cut length, not width. (insert crude joke about length not width here). Using a bread knife, I did an OK job, but the job got done.

The fabric I chose also didn’t fit length wise (based on the direction of the pattern I wanted to use) so I ended up cutting the foam in half to make two cushions instead of one.

I laid out the foam on a piece of fabric. Using two pieces of cardstock, I created a backing to the cushion (something to adhere the fabric to). On advice from a fellow crafter at the fabric store, I duct-taped the fabric to the back of the foam.


Step 4
For added security, I also stapled the fabric to the foam. Gorilla Glue works as well, but I want to be able to change out the fabric in the future should I be so inclined.


Step 5
Working my way around, I wrapped up the foam with fabric like a Christmas present (which I also suck at doing), but it actually came out OK. The corners were especially tricky, but I just re-folded as needed until they came out right.




Step 6
Flipping the cushion over, I thought I’m so awesome and promptly high-fived myself. Then I added a piece of the Velcro to each corner so people wouldn’t slide off the bench and die.





And now I have a very fancy place to sit for the cast of Sesame Street, their cow friend, and two throw pillows that were taking up space in a closet. TA-DA!

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