songs for seeds Denver

Long before I was a mama and way before I was a wifey, I lived the local band promoter rock star life. Music venues every night, cocktails in the green room, and stumbling home by 3am. It goes without saying that life changes a lot after having kids.

Let’s just say that I hold a strong admiration for the cool parents who do a full bedtime routine and still make it in time for the opening band. I am not cool anymore. I’m just not. I need my eight hours of sleep.

Songs for Seeds Denver
It’s song and shapes time with Mr. Kyle (the incredibly talented Kyle Donovan from Denver’s own Miles Wide)

Imagine my excitement when Songs for Seeds came to Denver! A musical rock show experience complete with a live band, disco ball, magic show, backline, and bubbles? 9:45am on Mondays? 45 minutes and home in time for snack and a nap? Sounds like my kind of party!

Songs for Seeds Denver
Every moment of class is an opportunity for hands-on music and movement!

Songs for Seeds is a hands-on, rocking music class for little ones newborn to 6 years old. They sing, they dance, they play a variety of instruments …. unless they are a newborn. Then they just lie there like a baked potato. But once they get to be around 6 months and movin to the music, it’s a truly great time indeed! Our now almost five-year-old loves the class too. However, the learning portions (numbers, shapes, and the like) are definitely geared towards a younger crowd. Each class seems to have a similar age group depending on the time and day. Friday mornings have a more preschool/pre-K audience than the Monday morning class.

songs for seeds denver
Stay after for an open jam with some of Denver’s happiest little peanuts.

My favorite part of each session is when the band does a cover song. I’m not talking Row Row Row Your Boat either. They do everything from the Beatles to The Proclaimers to Aerosmith and more (and some obligatory kiddy fare too), but I love the fact I get to sing along and dance like no one is watching.  It really starts my week off right. Not to mention how much my little buddy loves dancing with his mama. I can honestly say that this class has all the right elements for the right amount of time to make it a truly fun experience for music lovers young and old(er). I highly recommend it when seeking out new activities for you and the kids.

songs for seeds denver

Every day my kids become bolder and more bodacious. They are eager to explore and experiment and it gets tough sometimes to satisfy their appetite for entertainment. As important as it is to me to keep them active and learning, it’s important for me to keep engaged too. I truly appreciate a hands-on, kid-friendly experience that is a clear notch above the usual mom and tot classes out there. We’ve done two semesters back to back so far and will definitely be back for more! Email Shannon at to get your first class free and see how much fun it is for yourself 🙂

songs for seeds


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