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It’s amazing all the things you can order up online or with a web-enabled smart phone. As we make our way to Boston’s Logan International Airport, I am constructing a weekly meal plan and corresponding grocery order. Both will be ready for delivery by the time we land in Denver. The bulk of my mothering duties are enabled by wifi. From grocery shopping to diaper deliveries to class registration, I don’t know how any mom in the history of mommying got anything done. Just when I thought there was nothing left in life that could be enhanced even further by automation or an app, my gal pal Gretchen shares with me her brilliant idea: a personal date planner for couples in Colorado. Like I said — brilliant — and let me tell you why…

date night / overnight / circa 2016

Eight years ago, before my husband was my husband he flew on a plane from Denver to San Diego, rented a car, drove to my hotel, and picked me up for our very first date. We had an amazing dinner at Oceanaire that I barely remember. I do remember feeling that elevated sense of excitement that happens when you think you have just met The One. We have no date night selfies or Facebook post to look back on, but we both have the shirts we wore still hanging in what is now our shared master closet. I remember his amazing smile, glasses of wine, and the first time we kissed goodnight.

When couples are first starting out, every date is an opportunity to express and impress each other. By sharing our favorite places, foods, drinks, and activities we are sharing a part of ourselves. Usually, the parts that we feel are our best and most enjoyable. As the focus of couplehood moves from let’s get to know you to let’s keep thing interesting, the idea well can often run dry.

netflix and chill: married edition


We’ve had eight years of epic dates beginning with San Diego. Some dates still involved spontaneity but as the years went on and children came, we started getting pretty basic. We developed dating habits as couples tend to do. Dinner and movie were our standard staple. The rare murder mystery here and cooking class there. We found our groove with favorite restaurants and wines and even hotels. We know what we like and we tend to stick to it. This isn’t to say we’re bored with our dating life but we certainly haven’t been as inspired.

wild woman wine / denver / photo:
date night / wild woman wine /

Having someone we trust plan our date for us was just the inspiration we needed. We first tried Denver Date Nite the day of our date. The process was simple: choose a package based on the time you have (a night on the town or an overnight), answer a few pertinent and personal questions (like what day and time and likes and dislikes), process payment, and that’s it! Within hours, I received a personalized email with all the info for our date. It was so exciting not knowing what we would be doing and discovering together what our date would be. Denver Date Nite took care of all the necessary reservations and included  their own reviews. They even provided us with recommendations how to get around town and possible traffic jams to avoid.

date night / cooking class / sur la table / cherry creek
date night / cooking class / sur la table / cherry creek / circa 2013

Denver Date Nite has us trying new places we’ve always talked about trying but never have: Beatrice & Woodsley, La Cour, Wild Women Wine, 1515and more. We’ve always been pleasantly surprised with the level of care put into our date planning. They always take the information we provide and come up with an itinerary that suits our mood and personality. Above all, it takes the pressure off of us and lets us just enjoy the experience of being together and trying new things.

Denver Date Nite currently provides two packages: “A Night on the Town” and “Overnight”, each for a reasonable fee. They are super responsive and really have only one goal: for you to have a stress-free night out with your loved one. Follow them on Instagram and like them on Facebook for ideas and insight to planning your next date, or better yet let the experts at Denver Date Nite plan one for you!

Giveaway Alert!

In celebration of Denver Date Nite‘s new subscription service, they are giving away a package of three “Nights on the Town” valued at $105. Comment below with your favorite date spot in Denver for a chance to win!

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