A Rockin’ Teacher Printable Gift Card

Having kids in school means having to come up with teacher gift ideas several times a year. There’s the obvious holidays like Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Etcetera and the semi-obvious Teacher’s Day/Week/Month. There are also some parents who give gifts for non-holiday events like back-to-school and  end-of-year. But, for me, I have to draw the line somewhere. So Christmas and Teacher Appreciation Week it is.

Begging/Pleading/Forcing your child to create a handmade gift for their teacher: A gift from the heart. (image: picjumbo.com)

In addition to choosing when to give a gift is the daunting task of choosing what gift to give. Thankfully there are plenty of blog posts with ideas. I’m especially grateful for the posts actually written by teachers like the one here from Bombshell Bling. This former elementary school teacher lists her top 5 favorite teacher appreciation gifts with “heartfelt letter” as the best gift ever. Thankfully #2 is gift cards because hello time.

Gift cards can seem like a thoughtless gift when giving a gift in itself is thoughtful as is, but adding a little homemade touch can really make a gift card more personal. Especially if you’re like me and take 3 hours and 15 sheets of paper to print anything because printers are inherently evil. It’s the time and emotional equivalent of making the most intricate craft on pinterest.

I created this complimentary Rockin’ Teacher Printable for you to use and make your gift giving a little simpler because you are an amazing mom and deserve all the easies. Print this out on white stock paper (be sure to set your print quality to high or photo so the chalkboard texture really shows) and cut to size. You can also print right on to cardstock like these ones you can find at Michael’s.

Add an iTunes gift card of any value and you have a thoughtful, wantable, teacher appreciation gift made right from the heart!

Print it here

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