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About the Blogger

Amanda LaFleur is a married mother of two with more than enough irons in the fire. Although to her, it is never enough. By day, Amanda wipes runny noses and stinky butts. By night, she is the volunteer executive director for a nonprofit focused on women’s mental and reproductive health. She is also a serial baker, mommy blogger, aspiring writer, and a freelance graphic designer. The secret to keeping her sanity (and losing it) is keeping as busy as she possibly can.

While having spent most of her life in beautiful Colorado, Amanda is a California girl at heart. Despite not having any beaches, Denver the perfect place to live with it’s 300 sunshine filled days a year. As a new mom, she is learning a whole new side of her hometown by discovering activities for young ones as well as new ideas for keeping date night exciting and fresh.


About the Blog

Wifey With A Knifey is a blog focused mostly on cooking and crafts with an honest commentary on married life and parenting. Started in 2010, the blog has featured guest posts from Amanda’s friends and freelancers in addition to her personal contributions.

Photo Credits and Content: All photos on WifeyWithAKnifey.com are taken by Amanda herself excluding all family photos (taken by Heather Jadd Photography) and those also otherwise noted. Please link back to this site when sharing images or excerpts from this blog. Proper accreditation is absolutely appreciated.

Citations and References: All non-original content and/or adapted recipes are properly cited and linked back to the original source. Amanda and all guest bloggers adhere to the Blog with Integrity pledge.

PR Friendly: Email Amanda at wifeyknifey[at]gmail.com for interest and opportunities.


Blog for a Cause

Bake for Equality: In 2013, Amanda partnered with “sister-wifey” Brooke Walsh-Salzman (aka Wifey B) to create Bake for Equality – a charitable bakery raising funds for  the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in the fight for marriage equality for all. The two friends hosted bake sales featuring their own creations and delectable desserts from Denver’s best bakeries. Bake For Equality appeared at large scale events including Denver PrideFest and AIDS Walk Colorado. Over two years, the efforts raised just under $6000 for the cause. Bake for Equality closed it’s doors after the Supreme Court passed marriage equality for all in 2015. (Woohoo! #LoveWins)

Amanda is currently exploring new causes to throw the blog behind. Specifically charitable causes that directly improve the quality of life for children in need.

Affiliate Links: Affiliate links are sprinkled around the site. Any proceeds from these links benefit The National Association for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. Remember to shop online at smile.amazon.com to support your favorite cause!



Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you enjoy what you read! Comments and sharing are always encouraged and appreciated. Thank you for helping this little blog grow.

Loves, Amanda.




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